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The AzWARN Mutual Assistance Agreement is available to all public water and wastewater utilities in Arizona. Click here for instructions on how to join AzWARN and obtain a copy of the Mutual Aid Agreement.

The Mission of AzWARN

The mission of the AzWARN network is to support and promote statewide emergency preparedness, disaster response and mutual aid assistance for water and wastewater utilities during natural and human caused emergencies.


The WARN program (nationalwarn.org) is a nationwide program strongly supported by AWWA and the EPA as well as many other national water sector programs. AzWARN has participated with many states in National meetings and has benefited from the interstate information and sharing.

AzWARN was initiated through AZ Water (azwater.org) and the AZ Water Utility Council. The Steering Committee consisted of 9 directors or high level utility administrators from 9 communities. The Working Committee represented 12 jurisdictions and agencies. There was also a legal advisory committee with legal council from 8 communities that reviewed the Mutual Aid agreement. In March of 2008, Phoenix Water Utility, Metro Water District and Tempe Water Utility signed the agreement and Arizona became an official WARN state. Click here to view the AzWARN membership.


Members span Arizona, from Flagstaff to the north to Nogales in the south. The largest is Phoenix Water Utility whose water and wastewater systems serve 2.2 million customers. The smallest member utility, town of Clarkdale, has about 1,800 connections. AzWARN hopes to increase participation throughout the state.

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